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Drum Making with Wayne Manthey

inspiration: our dreams

fluid, flexible, achievable dreams
Scores of things have become very clear to me lately. Nature must be respected. Weather can’t be controlled nor entirely predicted- a truth more evident with each passing season. People are people; most want only to be happy... LEARN MORE

inspiration: scents

making sense of scents
When customers walk in to our shop, most are completely in love with the scent they encounter. The combination of oil laden candles, herbs, and incense fill the shop and some have said that it creates a feeling of coming home... LEARN MORE

featured stone: septarian

what makes an oil therapeutic grade
We would like to clear something up that seems to be mystifying for most people, ourselves included. The phrase “therapeutic grade essential oil” might not be used by us at Mind Body & Spirit from now on... LEARN MORE 


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