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stones: for healing

stones for protection

Throughout the ages people from all different cultures and religions wear many different emblems, or jewelry (amulets) to protect themselves from many different things. But nothing has surpassed the possession or wearing of stones for a sense of security ...  LEARN MORE

inspiration: our dreams

blue chalcedony

Blue Chalcedony, the "Peace Stone", isn't just your average 5th Chakra communication stone. This beautiful, sky blue type of microcrystalline quartz will calm even the roughest of seas within you...  LEARN MORE


take action

Let's get honest. Everyone has been bombarded with political chaos for three years plus now and I think most of us are sick to death of it. Some say they don't listen to the news and others say they don't vote and stay far away from all of it because it is of the "First Column" or "Low Frequency" vibrations... LEARN MORE 


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